Frequently Asked Questions

What destinations does Aeroexpress cover for cargo transportation?

From PTY we represent United Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Aercaribe and on their websites you can see the destinations covered.

What is the maximum cargo capacity that you can manage in a single shipment?

This depends on the airline and respective route, upon receiving your boarding data we can see the best option.

How can I track my cargo during shipping?

Directly on the websites of our represented airlines.

What are the typical transit times for different shipping routes?

This depends on the routes and destinations because there are both direct flights and routes with 1 or more connections.

Does Aeroexpress offer packaging and labeling services?

We do not offer this service.

What are the procedures in case of cargo loss or damage during transportation?

The claims procedure established by Iata proceeds, Aeroexpress receives the documentation and sends it directly to the airline.

What are the requirements and documents necessary to send cargo internationally with Aeroexpress?

Air waybill, commercial invoice, safety declaration and depending on your shipment, other specific documentation such as declaration of dangerous goods or live animals.

Do you offer express transportation services or scheduled shipments?

Priority services are offered according to airline offers.

What measures does Aeroexpress take to ensure the safety of cargo during transportation?

Cargo security is controlled directly by airlines during shipment handling.

How are shipping rates determined?

It is quoted based on the tariffs prepared by the airlines and in the case of spots, approval is requested.

Can I schedule regular pickups for recurring shipments?

The service is airport-airport, shipments are not collected.

Do you offer customized services for specific cargo needs, such as refrigeration or special storage?

Correct, depending on the nature of the shipment, it is evaluated and quoted according to the handling required.

What is the process to request a quote or make a shipping reservation?

To the mail you can send your request including shipping information and an agent will assist you.

How are customs and regulatory requirements handled in international destinations?

We do not handle customs issues beyond declaring the arrival of the shipment. Customs or authorization issues must be handled by the agent.

Does Aeroexpress have insurance to cover possible losses or damages during transportation?

Shipments are covered by a current contract in the air waybill based on the value declared therein; any additional insurance can be done directly with your insurer.

What is the process in case of delivery delays?

The current contract indicated in the air waybill regulates the acceptable delivery time.

How can I contact Aeroexpress customer service with questions or problems?

Consolidated shipments are accepted, however, the consolidation must be done by the exporter or his agent.

Do you offer cargo consolidation services to optimize shipping costs?

In case of problems you can contact directly the agent in charge of your shipment and on our website you will find all the contact information.